What Is SEO & How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s have an in-depth look on what’s involved in SEO’ing a website and the prices we charge to do it.

SEO, or as it’s called “Search Engine Optimisation” is the process of optimising a website to a point that it can bring your site higher up in a search engine’s results. There are many various pieces of the puzzle that need to come together to bring your website up the Google or Bing search engine. But once you climb up that long ladder – the fruits of this work can be mindblowing!

We will go into more depth about the general idea of how SEO works further in this article but for now it’s worth mentioning that SEO can seriously be a game changer for your business in a lot of industries.

Continue reading further for some in-depth coverage on why you need SEO and how it can benefit your business.

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SEO vs. Google Adwords

Someone types in “Mechanics in Dublin” in Google and there’s this massive mix of results in front of you almost immediately, now imagine your website was top of them results.

Currently there’s two options to rise to the top of Google, first there’s the Google Adwords approach which you pay Google each time someone clicks on your ad that appears on the top of the search results. This can range from around €0.30 a click to anywhere up to €8.00 a click depending on the industry, much much less in some businesses and much more in others but we will keep as realistic as possible here.

The second option is to get to the top of Google  “organically”, which essentially means you try and get your website top of Google on the natural search results. The benefit of being top of Google “organically” and not through Google Adwords is because you don’t pay per click – hence you could potentially save thousands a month!

There’s a big difference on the timeframe to implement either SEO or Google Adwords. For example you can have a Google Adwords campaign running within an hour and be paying €2 a click driving traffic to your site, the advantage is you are up and running straight away – but with a cost.

Whereas going down the route of Search Engine Optimisation you should expect a medium term period of around 6-12 months to get any competitive enough keyword up Google. When you start getting up the search you should expect more and more clicks as you rise, and you won’t pay a cent for them clicks either!

There’s also something else worth mentioning, did you know on average 60% of the users click the natural results versus the 40% that click the ads?

In essence, Google Adwords is more of a “quick fix” whereas SEO is a slower process but will give a lot more back to you over time.

website design prices in dublin

Benefits Of SEO

Imagine you had a hair salon somewhere near central Dublin. Currently as of today writing this blog there’s 1900 searches a month for the keyword “hair salon” on Google Ireland, and that’s focused in the Dublin area only. Now imagine being number 1 or 2 on them search results every single time someone searched for it on their laptop or phone. Now imagine if we added “hair salons near me” on top which also adds another 500 searches a month.

What would it be like to own a hair salon that got even a quarter of them total 2400 searches a month, that would potentially be a lot of appointments!

The added bonus is that depending on your industry you can target a lot of various search terms for your SEO stragety and depending on the amount of searches you could be potentially in for a large increase of business as it grows and starts kicking in.

website design prices in dublin

Whats Involved in SEO?

So earlier we mentioned that there’s a few pieces of the puzzle when it comes to SEO. It’s about doing the right things across your website and providing high quality unique content written on your site.

Unique, Well Written Content

So firstly the content has to be written naturally as possible and must be unique, we strongly advise against copying and pasting content from other websites you see online to give yourself a “shortcut”. This has happened and we’ve come across this tactic many times in the past. Firstly Google will recognise if you have simplied copied from another site and may give your site a penalty for doing this. Something you might have thought could save you time might actually cost you more!

When we write the content or receive it from a client we will naturally try and get some of the keywords mentioned throughout the page in various formats as this can benefit your site greatly. We will also ensure that we back up any search terms inserted with related words and terms as Google will get a “theme” for the page.

For example if your page is being SEO’d for “hair salon” it’s good practice to have content that also mentions hair cuts, hair extensions etc. In the past and sometimes even now, people will assume it’s always about repeating the same words over and over again on a page, it’s no longer as straight forward as that anymore.

Page Title & Meta Description

When you search on Google you will see your list of sites displayed and each site has a blue coloured “Title” text and small text with a 160 character description underneath it. These are called your Page Title and Meta Description, and depending on the setup of your current website you can usually insert a custom Page Title or Meta Description.

It is absolutely critical to have both of these items filled in on any page you want to SEO, it’s also worth mentioning that the entire site should by rights have a unique Page Title and Meta Description on all the pages as this will actually support your SEO efforts. There’s no point having a single Grade A page and leaving the rest of them as is without any basic SEO work.

Again like the page content it’s advisable to get your keyword in both your Page Title and Meta Description as naturally as possible.

Alt Tags / Alternative Text

If you are adding images to your site, depending on whether you are using WordPress or another content management system you may have an oppurtunity to put “Alternative Text” in when uploading an image, it should say it somewhere on the upload image screen.

We would advise to add your keyword on the alternative text section of any images you put up, carefully though not to spam or overdo it. For example if you are uploading say 5 images on the website you can spread 2 or 3 keywords between them all.


Apart from the home page, you can normally define your own link on any page of your website. For both consistency and some small boost of SEO we would recommend naming your links to the closest definition of purpose that page serves.

So say for example we were creating a “Hair Cuts” page on the hair salon website we mentioned, you could name the link as what the main keyword would be. So if anyone was to visit or search for your website it would show as www.example.com/hair-cuts

All links must have a hyphen (-) or underscore (_) to space out any words as they won’t work with blank spaces.


The more quality links to your website, the better! We don’t mean by purchasing backlinks as such as that’s not really favoured by Google at all, but a website’s authority on Google really counts when the site has a nice amount of websites linking to it.

Imagine a backlink like a friend, some website has a post and on it is a link directing someone to your website. This is like recommending a certain business or service to your friend – Google see’s backlinks a little like that. Say you went to a website with a lot of authority with Google and it gives your website a link – Google sees that as a highly positive thing for your site as a trusted website is actually endorsing your site.

Personally we think backlinks is the most single important thing to help achieve the goal of getting your site up Google.

Other Stuff

There’s actually even more smaller parts of the puzzle that make a site hum on Google. Between social networks, cornerstone content and various other things – SEO is something that can be achieved with the right formula. We will cover some of the technical end of things in a future blog post.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

There are a large selection of SEO agencies in Ireland. Many SEO companies in Ireland can vary greatly in price and the main focus should be to find an SEO company that can provide a realistic price, timeframe and can back up their previous SEO services by providing proof of past work.

For example ourselves being an SEO company in Dublin, we provide a wide variety of pricing options to our customers that are both competitive and realistic, we always make sure that our SEO services are priced accordingly with the expected timeframe and amount of monthly SEO work required.

Now we will break down in some quick costs scenarios for SEO services in Ireland with some examples.

Low & Medium Competition SEO Services

Say you are living in a small town or even have a product that’s not that competitive online. In this scenario it’s effectively going to be a good bit easier to get your website up Google and if it’s not that competitive you shouldn’t be too far down the search results anyway when you start off.

A low competition SEO stragety can cost anywhere between €200 to €300 a month depending on the amount of keywords you want your website to rank up Google for and the time required working on them each month.

You can actually find out more about our SEO Services here.

High Competition SEO Services

Your industry as such does not need to be high competition but the keywords you might want to rank for may be the case. Let’s say you wanted to rank number 1 or 2 on Google for your hair salon in Dublin, chances is there’s around 50-100 various websites in front of you and to surpass them will require a lot of time and effort.

In this case we would probably start working on only a few keywords initially and try to even focus on some longer keywords with less competition to balance out the work and bring some earlier results to you. These longer keywords are officially referred to as “long tail keywords”.

As an example, “hair salon” is a standard enough keyword whereas “hair salon dublin city centre” is a longtail keyword and might have lower competition and will allow you to grab some extra traffic on the site.

It’s hard to gauge an exact cost for monthly SEO services in Ireland for a high competition keyword but clients can spend anywhere from €400 monthly up into the thousands. It really depends on the industry and how much it’s worth investing in getting up the top of Google.

You can actually find out more about our SEO Services here.

website design prices in dublin

Final Notes

Hopefully we covered a good bit of detail in this blog post, it’s really the tip of the iceberg and in the future we will get into some additional areas of SEO.

We are an SEO company in Ireland that can provide some good SEO services for businesses around the country. Whether you need SEO in Dublin or anywhere else we can provide a bespoke SEO service for your business.

If you would like some advice about SEO or would like Webaria to give you a quote to fit your business needs then please check out our SEO services here.

Thanks for reading!

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