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We’ve put together a blog on what’s involved in our monthly website management services in Ireland & Dublin.

Many businesses get websites, but many businesses do just about that and leave the site sitting there for many years without another update.

It begs the simple question, say for example you open a new store in Dublin city center – would you simply put up the sign and not change a single thing for the next 3 or 4 years? Would you keep the exact same products on your site for 3 or 4 years?

The simple answer to this is NO! Your business each month probably adapts itself to new product lines, new special offers and maybe some new services. But the thing we don’t get is why put all that work in your physical business but not on your website?

So today we are going to answer the question on why you should get monthly website maintenance and what can be done on your website on a monthly basis. Keep reading further for more information…

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Why Update My Website?

Why do people clean their chimney every 6-12 months? Why do people paint their house every few years? Both things get done because they are needed, if you don’t maintain your chimney you get a chimney fire (trust me I’ve been there!), if you don’t paint your house it will start looking old and dated.

So, in a way a website is no different. By carrying out monthly website management services we can keep your site up to date by installing the latest updates and patches which will keep hackers and scammers at bay. By updating some images and content on your site we can also keep your site looking fresh and “current”.

With more people potentially visiting your website than your business we think it’s extremely important to have someone providing website management services for your business.

What’s Involved In Monthly Web Management?

When we provide our website management services to any of our clients in Ireland we will carry out a variety of work across the various parts of your website. This can range from small website maintenance work like updating products to complete overhaul of pages on your site.

So below we are going to cover some general areas involved in our monthly website management services in Ireland.

  1. Products & Services– If you regularly have new products or services coming into your business then we can add products to your website on a weekly or monthly basis allowing your site to stay current on your business offerings.
  2. Images & Text – We can freshen up certain pages on your site on a monthly basis which can actually help your site rank better on Google. We can add some fresh new content to both new and existing pages on your website.
  3. Security & Plugin Updates – Say for example you use WordPress, we can update all the plugins, themes and system on a monthly or weekly basis.
  4. Dead Links – The amount of websites out there that have links going to non-existent pages that used to be there before, we can fix any dead links on your website.
  5. Promotions & Offers – In a constantly changing dynamic environment we can add and remove special offers, discounts and free giveaways on your website which again will keep your site current. There’s nothing worse than coming across a page that advertises “Summer Sale” and it’s the beginning of December!
  6. Preventitive Maintenance – We can carry out daily, weekly and monthly backups of your website alongside regular malware and virus scans on your site.

Benefits Of Monthly Website Management:

There’s many benefits in monthly website management services and it’s hard not to justify, even if it’s done yourself or internally with your current employees. A well maintained website can provide the ultimate level of security to your website and give you, the owner, some good peace of mind.

Alongside having a secure website from keeping it up to date you are showing your customers your latest offerings and discounts you may have which may drive up an increase of business.

Another benefit of regular monthly website management is that it will help on your Google rankings as a regualrly updated website can improve your SEO score. Read more about SEO here in our previous blog.

How Much Does It Cost?

We provide monthly web management services in Ireland and Dublin at competitive prices for all businesses and websites. Our prices start from €40+VAT hourly and depending on the amount of time you want spent on your site monthly it can take anywhere between 1 to 3 monthly for a small business website and 10-20 hours monthly for larger businesses – depending on the requirements.

Each case is different and there’s generous discounts available for larger monthly web management packages.

Final Notes:

Treat your website exactly like your phyiscal business, make regular updates and always keep your site secure. We offer a range of website management services in Dublin and throughout Ireland for many various businesses of different sizes.

If you want a free no obligation quote on monthly web management services in Ireland then please get in touch with us here.

Thanks for reading!

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