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We’ve put together some details on our website maintenance and support services in Ireland.

More often than not, web companies go out of business and for this reason some clients might be stuck with a website that they need updating. On the other hand, some clients might not be too happy with their current web company and want to use someone else. Either way there’s a case for people looking for website maintenance from time to time.

There are many various types of website maintenance and we are going to try and cover as much as possible on this blog, feel free to contact us if you are looking for any of the below maintenance services.

website maintenance ireland

Content Updates

One of the most popular web maintenance services is to actually update the exisiting content on a website. Say for example you have a website with some outdated information or services you no longer provide – content updates will refresh any pages on the website you want to bring up to date.

Content updates in the form of web maintenance is one of the most easier and straight forward parts of maintaining your website as it’s normally a case of simple updating some images, removing some text or adding more.

You can also safely assume that adding brand new pages onto a website is also counted in “content updates” part of our website maintenance services in Ireland.

Some example content updates are:

  1. Slideshows & Images
  2. Blogs & Text Content
  3. Links & Contact Forms
  4. Review & Update SEO (Read more about that here)

Core & Plugin Updates

Maybe you are using a system like WordPress or Joomla that hasn’t been updated in a long while? Even though the likes of WordPress can be easily updated you may have some custom work carried out previously that might actually cause issues when the site gets updated. When we carry out updates we will either back up the entire site and carry out a major update and work on any issues that arise, or we will on a “case by case” basis update all the individual components of the site (plugins, themes etc) whilst testing at each stage.

Either way, the website system you use, the plugins you use – all need updating! Without regular updates you leave your website, customers and data open to security flaws and hackers.

Design Updates

If your current website looks tired and out of date, then depending on the system used we can potentially replace the existing template that is on the website. For example all WordPress websites use “Themes” on them which is essentially a third party addon for your WordPress site.

We can install and configure a new theme on your website and adjust the content accordingly to suit the new layout and design.

Page Speed

Another website maintenance service we can provide is something on the page speed and security side of things. If for example your website is slow to load we can compress all images on your site and carry out additional work to improve the overall response time on your website. There are many factors involved to improving the speed of your website and will be covered in a future blog.

Final things to add

We can also carry out a range of Website Transfer and Website Management services where we can both move your site to another hosting providing and also provide regular monthly updates on your website.

This will all be covered in some future blog posts but for now if you need anything mentioned on this blog post you can get in touch with us for a free quote here.

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