Web Design Prices In Dublin

Our advice on the processes of getting a website and how much web design can cost in Dublin.

One of the most asked questions we get is “How much does website design cost?”. So, we have put an article together to give you an idea of how much web design can cost in Dublin.

Price isn’t everything when it comes to getting your business website built – either for the first time or simply an updated version. Web design prices, especially in Dublin can vary a lot between the various companies that are operating here. But price isn’t everything when it comes to getting some peace of mind.

Continue reading below to see a more in-depth overview on what’s good and what’s bad when it comes to the various prices.

website design prices in dublin

Contacting some web design agency’s

When it comes to getting a quote on your brand-new website, you will find that you will be contacting a few web design companies around Dublin for a quote and a detailed proposal to fit your needs. Any professional web design company is going to ask you several key questions around the project prior to giving you any price or proposal.

The questions you should expect

Firstly, our advice is to only deal with a company that’s interested in your project. Someone who’s not going to plague you with various questions is obviously not interested in getting a website, but instead to get your money.

If you find that the company you are speaking to is asking plenty of questions and is following up on your responses, then this is a company that should be on your list to get a quote from.

Some example questions that will be asked usually are:

  1. Is it a business website or an eCommerce website project?
  2. How many pages or products are you looking to add to the website?
  3. Do you need stock photos (paid) or are you supplying your own?
  4. Do you own a domain name and have acquired hosting services?
  5. Do you have an existing logo or will you need us to design one for your new website?

Above is simply a guide of the basic questions that any normal web design company would ask you, some will vary depending on the company and person you are speaking to. But generally, a minimum of 5 questions would give you some form of confidence that they are actually interested in your business and your objective.

Getting a quote

Price isn’t everything when it comes to getting a web design quote, firstly continuing from our last point it’s essential that there’s some form of interest shown from the company, as it really shows what their goals are and this might be bad for you if they are simply just “selling”.

So, saying this we strongly believe that any serious web design company is not just going to literally send you a 1-page quote which literally takes 60 seconds to do. Instead you should expect a detailed proposal outlining the prices and work that will be undertaken. It takes 1 hour to make a decent proposal and anyone wanting to sell their websites to customers should be putting this time in. If they cannot do this then I am sure they have many other shortcuts they use to speed up their work. Shortcuts only benefit them and not you!

Price does not matter

Bit of a crazy statement, right? Not really!

Think of it this way, say you contact a company that’s willing to build you a 5 page website for €295 and you go ahead with it. Firstly, are they charging VAT? Because if not that would be the first alarm bell ringing for us, serious businesses are both company and VAT registered and if they aren’t then it can be assumed they are either doing under €37,500 a year turnover or operating outside of the legal VAT obligations if above that amount.

So, let’s say you go ahead with it for €295, do you honestly see this person being here in a years’ time when you want to update the site? The market in Ireland is hard enough when it comes to competitors in the website design industry. Players who bottom out their prices usually don’t last for long and the only way of sustaining that business is by operating cheap staff and costs, which is reflected on the services you receive.

So, let’s say this “cheap” €295 website is in the worst case scenario in 12 months’ time and is offline, now all of a sudden you are down a website and confidence of what a cheap service entails.

Let’s say instead you paid between €550 and €995+VAT for a 5-page website, which is probably around the market rates in Dublin for a web design service based off a content management system like WordPress. You know that paying this, the chances of this company being here in a years’ time is a lot more likely as they aren’t focusing on being the cheapest but by actually being the best at what they do.

It’s quite simple, cheap prices equal cheap service and it’s rare to find a cheap company that offers the same as a company who charges more realistic prices for the project in hand. We have many times had customers back to us from various situations, including AWOL web design companies!

What can I expect to pay?

When it comes to web design prices in Dublin, a decent 5 pager website realistically goes for between €550+VAT and €995+VAT. This is usually based off WordPress and will allow you to edit your content later. Some companies can charge 2 or 3 times the amount mentioned for a 5-pager site, and sometimes it’s because they prefer to build from the ground up without WordPress. Whilst we don’t think that’s in any way a rip-off in such words – but rather a denial from the web design company to actually embrace the many systems out there that make web design cost effective for clients.

eCommerce websites on the other hand are usually based off both WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin to allow shopping cart functionality or some companies will use Opencart, Prestashop or Magento for their eCommerce project depending on the number of products and project requirements.

How long does a website take to build

Depending on the requirements, a website can take anywhere from a week to a year! It’s literally a question on how long is a piece of string but we will try and answer this all the same!

Standard business websites between 4 and 6 pages can take anywhere from 1 week to a month depending on the requirements. Say for example you supply all the content and images from the first day, then you should probably expect a basic design and mock-up of what your site will look like within a week or two. Once the general design phase is approved, the web designer can start to put the rest of the content into the site and start laying it all out for public viewing.

We have turned around business websites within 2 days for clients that were urgently stuck, yes we know it’s a strange request when a customer asks for a site last minute as it usually should be well planned. Nevertheless, customer is king and we endeavour to do anything that’s realistically possible!

But typically, you should realistically allow 3-4 weeks for a standard web design service from start to finish as most web companies will work parallel on several projects at the same time.

On the other hand, if you are building an eCommerce store, depending on the number of products and requirements it can take roughly around 1-2 months from start to finish. This is assuming it’s a typical eCommerce store with around 60 products and various other requirements.

Final things to add

Web design is an art of itself, whether you are building a website from code upwards or by utilizing one of the leading website platforms like WordPress. There are so many factors that make both a good website and a good website design company- but using the advice we have here will give you a good idea from the first day you pick up the phone to ring them. Of course, ask us to give you a quote too!

If you or a colleague are looking for a professional web design service in Dublin, then put us to the test and let us provide you with firstly a realistic price and secondly an outstanding service! Get a quote here today.

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