What is WordPress and why use it for web design?

Let’s get into some details on why WordPress should be your first choice for web design in Ireland.

WordPress is what you would call a “CMS” which means Content Management System, it’s probably self-explanatory but it basically is a system that gets installed which lets you add themes, plugins and content into the site.

You simply log in and change whatever you like, wherever you like. Once you click save you can easily publish a blog, page, product or feature onto your website with an easy to use interface.

Read on for more information on why we believe WordPress is the worlds’ leading system for business web design in Ireland and around the world. You can also check out our wide range of business web design services here.

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This Time, 15 Years Ago…

So let’s go back to around 15 years ago, nearly all websites were built with tools that were a lot more harder and complex to use than nowadays, a lot of people would have to have quite an extensive amount of experience to launch a website.

So over many years it’s gone from using plain text editors like Notepad all the way along to the point where there was Frontpage, Dreamweaver and other software tools that helped professionals build a website from scratch. Each year it has gotten a slight bit easier and easier to the point that anyone with little or no experience could build a website from scratch, website builders like “Website X5” came along and let you launch a site within a few hours of starting!

But the biggest problem with a majority of sites that were getting built was that each and every time you wanted to make a change you literally had to download the website, edit it and then upload it back online. Many of these sites would be called “Static Websites” as the content is essentially coded into each page and doesn’t change. Another obvious problem was that all these “DIY Website Builders” were using a fairly limited set of templates and your website wasn’t that unique and was probably similarly designed to hundreds of other websites using the same template.

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The Rise Of Content Management Systems

With a lot of businesses using static websites, something new came along – Content Management Systems.

Over a few years the likes of Joomla, Drupal and WordPress came along amongst many other less popular systems and it changed both the web design industry and the approach to websites for the future.

Instead of using website builders or coding websites straight up from the ground, someone with a little bit of learning could set up and create a WordPress website for their business. The birth of content management systems also allowed new web design companies to emerge that previously would have had to hire programmers to build their sites.

So we can clearly see Content Management Systems made web design and development more accessible and affordable for many businesses around the world, now we will get more into the WordPress side of things as it’s definitely a favourite amongst us web design companies!

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Why Use WordPress?

So earlier we mentioned Content Management Systems came along and an example of one is called WordPress. We’ll get into some more details on why we choose WordPress and you should too.

Easy To Use

So firstly, WordPress is as easy to use as Microsoft Word once you know where to go and familiarize yourself with it, a few hours here and there over a few weeks will give you plenty of understanding on how to use it.


You can get a very unique website that separates your website from many others online. There’s many templates out there which will give your site a decent look and feel. With the hundreds of settings and options available to change inside the template settings you can get a highly unique website for your business whether it’s being done yourself or by a web design company.

Google Friendly

If you use WordPress we can confidently say that your site will get on much better with search engines. WordPress really allows you to expand and optimize for search engines like Google etc. You can actually read more about our search engine optimisation blog post here.


As WordPress is so popular and relied upon worldwide, there are regular updates released for WordPress, themes and plugins. This allows your site to be at the best potential level of performance and security.

Other Advantages

As WordPress is easy to use, easy to customize and easy to expand – your business is on a platform that’s much more known that other providers of content management systems and can be supported by nearly all website design companies in Ireland, UK and around the world.

Say for example you had a static website built and you weren’t happy with your current website developer, the new guy will have to spend quite a lot of time understanding his predecessors’ work and that’s even if the original developer done a proper job in the first place! At best someone can take over his work fairly quickly and charge you good money to make any changes you require, because remember every single thing has to be coded!

But then let’s take a look on the other hand, the web design company you were dealing with built your website off WordPress, you’ve paid them for a fairly decent looking website and for some reason they go out of business a few months later. You call nearly any website design company in Ireland and I will guarantee you most of them have an incredible amount of experience in WordPress, they can literally take over from your previous website developer fairly quickly.

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Final Notes

Now this is going to sting a little bit for some of the website developers out there but… WHY REINVENT THE WHEEL?!!

To this day, there’s plenty of web design companies that truly believe in charging thousands upon thousands of Euros on providing a business web design service to someone. We have done it ourselves but that’s been for projects that are truly bespoke and take a lot of time.

But the part we take issue with is, some are charging thousands because they are building the site mostly from scratch and it’s a completely bespoke service that requires a lot of programming. Why on earth would someone spend several months creating something that could be quite easily replicated on WordPress in a week or two?

Obviously if you are a big brand and you have a lot of cash to burn then we can probably understand why a truly bespoke system is the way to go as you’d nearly spend longer stripping back parts of WordPress when it’s only ever going to serve X amount of features in the first place.

If you are a business, you should be getting a WordPress website the next time you get a web design service in Ireland – because any real web design company will make it unique and not for crazy amounts of money!

If you would like to find out more about our WordPress web design services then please click here.

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