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Free SEO assessment for your business

When it comes to SEO there are over 100 factors that can affect your ranking. The main thing that you need to take into consideration are your offer, your competitors position, social media and relevance of your website.

It is easy to get lost and start jumping between different task. Without a plan the Search Engine Optimisation work can actually damage your business’ position in Google.

Specialists from Webaria have 15 years of combined SEO experience can help you align the workload to your business objectives.

An SEO Plan is the best method to begin any search engine optimisation for your existing website. No two business online are the same. Some of the websites might be packed full of interesting content but have very little optimisation, while other businesses might have necessary optimised content but have technical and structural problems.

why seo matters

How the research works

No one except the search engine companies like Google have a complete understanding of how their search algorithm is working.

Webaria’s SEO Plan has been designed based on the best known current practices and our own 15 years of combined SEO experience.

What the plan consist of:

  • A list of keywords aligned to your business highlighting those for which you are not currently ranking for.

  • Summary of what how your website’s design and functionality affects your current ranking

  • Technical audit of problems with your website i.e. broken links or duplicate content.

  • Your current social media strengths and weaknesses.

  • Analysis of your competitor’s activities and what they do to rank highly in search engine.

  • Analysis of possible lead and sales funnels.

  • The SEO Plan will give you an overview of all online activities around you and your business. It is important to know that SEO is a continual and time consuming process that must be done on an ongoing basis to keep improving website visitor’s number.

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